If you detect a noise on your automobile, you are right to take notice of it and take it seriously, although it is conceivable that nothing severe will result, it is also conceivable that it is the precursor to a more significant service. A window noise on Ford C-max is luckily a symptom of a small correction / service, rather than a complex procedure. To help you in your research, we have decided to write this article to show you the most likely solutions to your trouble. First we will discuss the window noises on Ford C-max of clicking type, then those of squeaking type and finally the window noises on Ford C-max that come from the window lift motor.windows-noise-ford-c-max

I perceive a noise of a Ford C-max window: clicking

A window noise on Ford C-max can be connected to many trouble, if in your case you feel a window noise on Ford C-max that sounds like a click, like glass for example, it is conceivable that one of your two lower glass fasteners has broken. Indeed, they are often crafted from polymer and their strength is not always that good. To verify this you will have to take off your door pannel and verify their state. If you perceive a window noise on Ford C-max but you have the feeling that it vibrates when it is opened, it could possibly be the wear of the seals or the position of your rubber guides that triggers this play. If you perceive a clicking noise on Ford C-max, but after checking your window is not the cause, check this article.

I perceive a squeaky Ford C-max window noise

Second possibility, you perceive a window noise on Ford C-max that looks more like a squeaking or grinding sound, in this instance, it is quite conceivable that it is a drying of the seals and/or the mechanism that is involved. Indeed, because of the sun or heat, your seals can dry up and trigger this unpleasant window noise on Ford C-max. To reduce it, you will have to dismantle the door panel and grease your seals with a non-corrosive product for plastic, it is also conceivable that it is your mechanism that produces this noise, in this instance, the same answer but on the mechanism directly. If this squeaking noise after checking is not from your door, check this article about squeaking noises on Ford C-max to identify the source.

I perceive a noise of motor-type Ford C-max glass

Finally, if you encounter a window noise on Ford C-max that looks like an electric motor noise when you move your window up or down, it is very likely that your window electric motor lift is at the end of its life. In general this should be connected with a much longer raising or opening time. Check the motor condition and have it replaced if required. If this noise is not from your window motor but from something else in your door, browse this article on door noises on Ford C-max.