It is never pleasant to discover a sound on your automobile you don’t where it comes from. So what if you establish a timing belt noise that persists on your Audi A4? It is highly conceivable that this is a insignificant trouble, but before being certain, it is better to accomplish some verifications. If this belt noise comes from your timing belt, our team has made this content page to help you locate and adjust it. First, we will take a look at the timing belt noises on your Audi A4 and then we will look at the causes for these noises.timing-belt-noise-audi-a4

Noise of timing belt Audi A4

The timing belt has a crucial role to play. It acts as a conductor and synchronizes the engine crankshaft to the camshaft. It guarantees the correct transmission of movement to the valves and pistons, which must open at specific times. It is the link between the top and bottom of the engine. It is sorely tested and wears out with time, it is up to you to respect the manufacturer’s specifications to replace it at the right moment, we usually talk about years or mileage to respect. Otherwise, you could be the victim of a engine failure.

I listen to a timing belt loud noise on my Audi A4 after replacement

If you listen to a loud whistling sound that does not disappear on the timing belt of your Audi A4, it can be associated with a circular saw sound. It is more than plausible that you will have to worry about it rapidly. This can come as a result of a poorly performed belt swap. Indeed, some mechanician want to save time and do not follow the manufacturer’s stress specifications. Indeed, to change a timing belt you must first fix the engine in a certain way, with the right gear. Then, when the belt is reassembled, you will have to manage its tension and comply with the manufacturer’s standard. To do this, we will use a tool called a tensiometer, but unfortunately some garages or mechanics do not apply themselves to one of these two tasks, which necessarily triggers major concerns for the automobile owner. This leads to an over-tension of the timing belt which is even greater when hot and may eventually break. Take into account to take your automobile to a professional to validate and resolve this error. If, after checking out, this loud noise does not come from your timing belt, browse this content page on loud noises on Audi A4 for more information about it. In the other hand, it could be a serpentine noise on Audi A4 that you face.

I listen belt noises squealing or squeaking that increase Audi A4

Finally, if you listen to asound from your Audi A4’s timing belt, it is imperative to take care of it and take your car to your motor mechanic or risk engine failure. The reason for this noise is often an end-of-life belt that begins to deteriorate inside the engine motor and whose flaps begin to knock against the inside of the timing gearbox. Hurry to your mechanic. The replacement of a timing belt kit must always be done in advance as part of normal automobile maintenance. If you wait until the failure happens, it will be too late because the result of a timing belt failure is the failure of your engine. We will generally take this opportunity to change the accessory belt, the tensioning rollers that manage the tension of the belt and the water pump system. If you’re lucky and this noise doesn’t come from your timing belt, take a look at our content page on squeaking noise on Audi A4.