Listening noises from your vehicle often is never reassuring, so listening noises on your Ford Focus suspensions when you go over a speed bump can be worrying. This symptom may be a sign of a insignificant problem as well as a warning of a much larger repair to come. In any case, it is important to check the source and take the necessary actions to correct the problem, it is with this intention in mind that we wanted to write this article to help you see more clearly. We will first see the possible causes for a crack when the speed bump passes, then, what can be the reason of a squeaking noise when a speed bump is being passed and finally what to do if you have another noise when a speed bump is passed.suspension-noise-ford-focus

Suspension cracking noise Ford Focus

Check Ford Focus suspension

If you encounter a suspension noise when you pass a speed bump on your Ford Focus, and it is characterized by a “clack” or cracking, it is highly plausible that your suspension block is the cause of it. Indeed, it may be the suspension cups, which, when they are dead, have the rubber (silentblock) that acts as a buffer and shock absorber for the upper part of the suspension that no longer fulfils its job during small bumps that compress the suspensions. To verify if this is the problem that worries you, take a dented road and listen to the noise coming from your front axle as you go over holes. If it is indeed the cups, think of replacing them quickly or you may ruin other parts and have to make more important vehicle repairs.

Check the cardan shaft

If you are here because you have researched for “Ford Focus suspension noise” and the suspension is not the cause of your problem, it may be that the cardan shaft is responsible. Indeed, when the cardan bellows get old and the dirt/dust amasses inside them their operation is degraded and it is possible to experience a noise when they are in torsion. To verify this, you can try both types of torsion, first vertical with suspension compressions on the speed bump passages, and horizontal when you are going to make a turn at low speed. If it cracks in these two situations you should consider replacing it or them. If you have the feeling that this noise is more like a a loud noise on Ford Focus, don’t hesitate to read this content.

Check steering hinges/stabilizer bar

Finally, when you find out a suspension noise when your Ford Focus passes over a speed bumps, it is imaginable that the hinges or the stabilizer bar are responsible. Simply like the gimbals, the steering part is mobilized when you modify direction. If this is the situation, the parts that may have been destroyed by normal wear and tear or impacts (e. g. sidewalks). The steering hinges, the stabilizer bar hinges. can be the origins of your noises, to verify it, put it under the automobile and apply twists on each of its elements to verify that there is no special play on one of them, they are meant to endure you quite strongly over their entire travel. Keep in mind to take your Ford Focus to your technician or swap them if they are involved.

squeaky noise speed bump Ford Focus

Check the stabilizer bar

If, however, you have a noise that is more like a squeak when you go over a speed bump with your Ford Focus, it is plausible that it is the stabilizer bar itself that is concerned. Indeed, abnormal/pronounced wear of the latter can cause unusual friction which can generate this squeaking noise. Keep in mind to verify by going under your automobile the condition of the paint on your bar which will tell us if there is friction. Second plausible explanation, it may be your stabilizer bar silentblocks that are dry and create noise, in which case take them off from the cradle and grease them, this should solve the problem.

Check engine silentblocks

Finally, last possibility that we can verify together, it is the engine silentblocks, actually, these silentblocks operate as pads/shock absorbers between the engine and the cradle of the vehicle, a evident fatigue of these will make a subsidence and therefore a space between the engine and the silentblocks, it may happen that a squeaking noise comes up when you pass a speed bumps or any holes with your Ford Focus. To swap them go to your auto technician.

Other speed bump noise Ford Focus

If, despite all its assumptions, you still can’t locate the source of the noise your Ford Focus makes when you pass a speed bump, we recommend you to refer to this article on a loud noise on Ford Focus or to visit your technician in order to carry an in-depth check on your Ford Focus and find this problem.