If you find out about a noise on your car, you are right to worry about it and take it seriously, although it is possible that nothing severe will come from it, it is also imaginable that it is the first indication of a more significant service. A noise that shows up on a door of your Ford C Max fortunately reveals a slight correction / repair, instead of a difficult repair. In order to support you in your approach, we have decided to produce this article to provide you the most likely possibilities to your trouble. 1st, we will examine the different source noises of air in the door of your Ford C Max, then hinge noises and finally at other possible possibilities.door-noise-ford-c-max

Door air noise Ford C Max

Plastic air cache noise

If you experience air noise on the doors of your Ford C Max, it is plausible that it is linked to some plastic covers on the inside side panels of your door. These can come loose, hole, fall and thus create an air intake that will obviously make a serious and disagreeable air noise in the passenger compartment. To verify that you don’t have this problem on your Ford C Max, open your doors and inspect the sides of them carefully, see if all the covers are properly placed.

Air noise seal

Air noise at the doors of your Ford C Max can also be linked to a gasketfailing or overused. Indeed, the door seal, in addition to have a protecting role against moisture infiltration, also has a protective purpose for air inlets in the passenger compartment. When it is worn, it will not settle and therefore no longer create a perfect seal between the door and the car body. To verify its condition, there are two methods, first, visually check the state of the seal and for the second test, install someone inside the passenger compartment and door by door, car closed, sprayed with water the seals to see if water gets into. If you are in this case, go to your mechanic to have your seal exchanged and the door noise on your Ford C Max adjusted.

Hinge noise door hinge Ford C Max

Door noise Ford C Max, dry hinge

It is possible, according to the type of noise you experience, that your hinge is at the origin of them. If this is the case, you will have to verify it by opening your door and checking that the door noise on your Ford C Max comes from a hinge that is too dry. To resolve this trouble, first try to grease the hinge, in most cases this is sufficient to solve your problem.

Noise porte Ford C Max, worn hinge

If you have followed our initial advice relating to your hinge, but the problem still continues, it is plausible that your hinge is worn out and necessitates a swap. In this circumstance, verify that despite the lubrication it still generates a lot of noise when opening and closing. You should feel a “clack” and restraint in the movement. If this Ford C Max noise is your problem, change your hinge.

Other possibilities

Internal part of the damaged window regulator

In the other possibilities that can provoke door noise on Ford C Max, we can first think of the window lift, actually, after the hinge, it is the second elaborate system of the door. If damaged, it can provoke vibration or even air noise. To verify its condition, remove the door trim and check that no parts are broken.

unscrewed speaker

Finally, one of the last plausible scenarios for Ford C Max door noise would come from a from your vehicle’s speakers. In fact, they take place in the door and can, over time, loosen and generate a serious vibration and risk damaging themselves if you do not fix them again. Same method, you will have to dismantle the door trim to check its correct positioning.
If you can’t find solutions among this article, don’t hesitate to take your vehicle to your mechanic who can look at your car in more detail to discover what the particular problem is that you know.