Repeatedly hearing noises from your vehicle is never relaxing, so hearing wiper sounds on your Ford C Max can be stressing. This indication may be an indication of a insignificant issue as well as a warning of a insignificant repair to come. In any case, it is important to find the origin and take the necessary measures to fix the issue, it is with this in mind that we desired to create this content page to support you see more clearly. We will first look at the plausible reasons and solutions for dealing with noise from your wipers on your Ford C Max. Then, in a second step, we will give you some advice to prevent this type of noise from happening again.wiper-blades-noise-ford-c-max

Wiper blades that makes a squeaking or rubbing noise on Ford C Max

A wiper noise on your Ford C Max, whether it is a squeak noise or rather a rubbing noise on your windshield, is not relaxing and can distract your focus while you are driving. It is necessary to stop such a sound. In addition, a wiper blade noise is commonly the signal of a future failure of the wipers, which once worn out will no longer evacuate water well and therefore put you at risk.

Reasons and solutions for wiper noise on your Ford C Max

  • Verify the wear of your wiper blades. This is the most general reason of noisy wiper blades. Either because of wear and tear and an almost non-existent rubber or because of the sun that will dry and crack your brushes. Reflect on replacing them in both cases.
  • Dirty windshield, check the level of your windshield washer fluid. One of the triggers of rubbing noise can be the cleanliness of your windshield. If it is too dirty, you may acknowledge a wiper noise on your Ford C Max, it is up to you to clean it with your windshield washer fluid if sufficient, otherwise use sodium bicarbonate to clean it, it is very practical.
  • Verify that your wiper blades are well installed. Indeed, if you feel a kind of jerking of the blades when there is enough rain on your windshield for your wipers to work normally, it is likely that either your arm is a little twisted or the blade attachment is worn. You can check these two points.
  • Verify the tightness of the wiper arm mechanism and that the friction between the windshield and the wipers is not too high. Indeed, when the tightening is too strong, the pressure exerted on the windshield is too strong and a wiper clicking sound on your Ford C Max comes out.

Some typical suggestions to limit wiper blades noise on your Ford C Max

Finally, we will give you some recommendations and warnings to help you extend the life of your wipers and prevent unwanted noise they may provoke during their lifetime.

  • Never use dishwashing liquid as windshield washer fluid. Indeed, the purpose of the dishwashing liquid is not to wash windows, furthermore if you wanted to use it for this function, you would have to rinse abundantly because it creates a strong foam not compatible with the simple wiping of the windshield wiper blades. You will therefore encounter an increase in the noise of these.
  • Do not wax your windshield, the film that the wax will create may prevent you from seeing the road properly. Indeed, this oily film will generate a veil and prevent you from draining water through your windshield wipers in a normal way.
  • Do not use your wipers on a frozen windshield, their rubber parts would definitely be damaged by frost. Wait until you have defrosted this one.
    • Since dirt is the main explanation for the noise generated by your windshield wipers, we encourage you not to drive in puddles after storms or heavy rain. Indeed, the puddles will inevitably be full of dirt that will end up on your windshield and cause noise or damage to your windshield wipers.