When you detect bizarre noises on your Audi A4 you tend to be anxious about them. Most importantly when you experience a water noise on Audi A4. It is immediately assimilated to a problem that will provoke the automobile to take on water. As we know that you do not take these problems lightly, we have decided to write this content page to help you find the triggers and get rid of this concern as soon as possible. To do this, first, what types of water noise can you experience in the cabin on Audi A4, then what is the origin of a water noise on Audi A4 when you turn, and finally what does a water sound mean when you start.water-noise-audi-a4

I acknowledge a water noise on Audi A4 in the cabin

I hear a water noise on Audi A4 from ventilation

If you hear a water noise on your Audi A4 when you turn on the ventilation, it is more than likely that you have an inlet the evacuation openings of your windshield that are obstructed . To check this, you need to take out your windshield wipers, and strip away the protective grids that are located just below your windshield. You will most likely find accumulated leaves, mud or other material that will clog the evacuations and cause water to stagnate in this place. Clear them off or risk infiltration into the cabin of your Audi A4. If you knowledge other cabin noise in your Audi A4, don’t hesitate to browse that document which will give you answers about your problems.

I acknowledge a water noise on Audi A4 when I turn

If you encounter water moving noise as you turn, it is likely that you have the same issues as seen above. Indeed, whether this water noise on Audi A4 comes from your ventilation or you hear it when you turn, usually the reason is the same, namely, obstructed windshield water drain openings. If your water noise on Audi A4 comes from your doors, it may be the same concern but with the evacuations of your doors, take a look at that side. So do the same method as for water noise in the ventilation system to get rid of it. If you do not have the skills or tools, get in touch with your auto technician who can fix this trouble within moments. If you are experiencing noise when you turn on your Audi A4 but after checking it’s not water noises, browse that content to get solutions to fix it.

I hear a water noise on Audi A4 when I turn on my engine

Finally, if you encounter a water noise when you turn on the engine of your Audi A4, it is conceivable that this indicator is more important than it sounds. Indeed, there are two main reasons for this issues. First of all, it is your cooling system that pressurizes and you will hear a “dripping” sound of water that is regular. On the other hand, if this is not the case, it is more unusual, but it may be a leak of your cylinder head gasket that is involved. Keep in mind to examine the state of the cooling system, so that you do not have any “mayonnaise” in your cooling system that would indicate the leakage of the system, which is the result of the oil/water mixture. If this is the case, go to your motor mechanic to avoid engine failure.