Having the chance to have a sunroof on your car is superb, who hasn’t dreamed of enjoying the sun, or enjoying the stars while you travel. However, when you start to perceive noises from the sunroof on your Chevrolet Cruze, it gets more frustrating. As we are aware of the problems and fears that can be a consequence of sunroof noise on Chevrolet Cruze, we have chosen to produce this article to help you identify the cause and resolve this problem. To do this, first we will see what the causes are for an air noise based on the sunroof of your Chevrolet Cruze, then a squeaking noise when you open it, and finally noises even when it is closed.sunroof-noise-chevrolet-cruze

I perceive an air noise coming from the Chevrolet Cruze sunroof

To start with, one of the recurring concerns is to discern air noise from the sunroof of your Chevrolet Cruze. You will most probably encounter them while driving. The reason is often quite common, you may have, over time, seals that start to collapse and no longer perfectly fulfill their sealing goal.To examine this, verify visually, from the inside and outside, that you do not have an air leak between the glass of your sunroof and your seals. If this is the case, that your sunroof noise on Chevrolet Cruze is linked to the seals, you will very likely have to change your seals. In such a case, contact a technician. Otherwise, lubricate with a silicone spray to seal them and stay alert of the appearance of noise while driving. If after analysis, this noise does not result from your sunroof, we encourage you to read this article about wind noises on Chevrolet Cruze to find out the origin.

I perceive a squeaking noise coming from the Chevrolet Cruze sunroof when I open it

If you perceive a sunroof noise on your Chevrolet Cruze when you open it, and it sounds like a squeaking noise, you may have a fairly basic problem. In fact, the sliding roofs are outfitted with sliding/hinge type opening elements, which can dry over time or oxidize with humidity. Check your opening device, do not hesitate to grease it if necessary, and otherwise, get closer to your auto technician for a more in-depth expertise. If, however, after examining, your squeaking noise does not seem to result from your sunroof, read this article to find out where comes from this squeaking noise on Chevrolet Cruze.

I perceive a grinding noise from the sunroof of my Chevrolet Cruze even when closed

Finally, the last plausible situation of a sunroof noise on Chevrolet Cruze is that it appears when you drive, even with the sunroof closed, and that this noise is close to a grinding noise. In both cases, this noise is often also related to a seal concerns. Dry seals, or, which have collapsed over time, will not hold the glass properly in place, so it is plausible when you drive that it will tilt and make sunroof noises on Chevrolet Cruze. Before taking into consideration changing the seals, you should try the same approach as mentioned above, namely, grease the seals with silicone grease to nourish them and restore them to their original shape.