Experiencing regular noises from your car is never comforting, so hearing strut mount noises on your BMW 4 Series can be disturbing. This warning sign may be a sign of a minor trouble as well as a warning of a much larger fix to come. Whatever the case, it is important to check the source and take the necessary measures to correct the trouble, it is with this in mind that we wanted to write this content page to support you see more clearly. We will first have a look at the utility and the different versions of strut mounts, then, what can be the origin of a strut mount noise on your BMW 4 Series, and what symptoms this means.strut-mount-noise-bmw-4-series

The different types of strut mount and their utility on your BMW 4 Series

If you encounter strut mount noise on your BMW 4 Series, you must be able to determine which strut mount are involved. Their main function is to absorb vibrations. We will now focus on the different types of strut mount to support you see more clearly and locate and discover them more easily.

Traditional strut mount on BMW 4 Series

The most classic strut mount is composed of two metal parts, between these two parts, is placed a rubber part. The metal parts attach the two elements together (example: the car chassis and the engine), and the rubber part comes when it acts as a shock absorber.

strut mount anti-tilting on BMW 4 Series

This kind of block strut mount, generally has the shape of a rod with two elastic parts on either side of it, of each of these two blocks start from the spacers which are utilized to fix each of the parts to be joined together. When not represented in this style, it is constructed of a cylinder block with a spacer in its center. The assemblage being encircled by a metal support, one of the two parts is linked by the rubber part and the other by the spacer.

Balancer strut mount on BMW 4 Series

Balance type strut mount have a vertical utility, they are most of the time used as strut mount for the engine block. They are effective in compression and dampen the shocks and vibrations that the engine block may endure.

Hydraulic strut mount on BMW 4 Series

Finally, the hydraulic strut mount is more achieved, which will not rely mainly on the use of rubber as a damping material, but on a hydraulic system filled with oil whose pressure will vary according to its use and whose control can be done digitally for the most complex.

The different symptoms and noises of strut mount on your BMW 4 Series

  • You feel vibrations, loud noises of silentblocks on your BMW 4 Series
  • If you are a victim of loud noises, it is a good bet that some of the strut mount noises of your BMW 4 Series are related to the end of life of one of them. It is now time to determine when the noise appears and from which part of your car it comes from. If it is loud noises when you pass over bumps or uneven roads, it may be your engine unit strut mount or stabilizer bar that are worn. If this loud sound on BMW 4 Series doesn’t come from one of your strut mount, read this article to find others alternatives.

  • You feel jolts when starting your BMW 4 Series
  • If it is rather during the start that you are encoutering jerky sensations and thumping noises coming from a strut mount of your BMW 4 Series. It may be your engine strut mount that are involved. In the event that the steering is not required and you start straight, it is most likely the force created by the engine and transmission during start-up that causes the engine block to move and the worn strut mount no longer absorb these shocks. It is very easy to replace them, all you need to do is use a hydraulic jack and raise the engine and replace the strut mount on your BMW 4 Series.

  • Your speeds are jumping or not going well
  • Same as above, if your gears are having trouble shifting, but you presume that your clutch is in good condition and your gearbox is not cracking especially, you will have to reflect on replacing the engine strut mount on your BMW 4 Series. In fact, the vibrations not attenuated by them, will create a loud strut mount noise on your BMW 4 Series and prevent the gears from shifting properly, and will even be able to blow them up.