What can be more distressing than noises when you start your vehicle… In fact, you probably already came across noises when you start your Toyota Camry and usually it’s frustrating. It could not be anything major, but each new engine starts usually will turn into a scary moment during which you don’t know if your engine will start. That is why our editorial staff has chosen to prepare this content to help you find its source. To do this, first, we will see the case of noise when starting on Toyota Camry but the vehicle does not start, and finally, the noise you can experience on your vehicle if it starts, first cold and then hot.noise-when-starting-toyota-camry

I acknowledge a noise when I try to start my Toyota Camry, but the engine doesn’t start

I pay attention to a clicking noise at the start of my Toyota Camry

If you acknowledge a noise when you want to start your vehicle, and it does not want to turn on, it is most likely that it is the battery that is causing the issue. In fact, if you acknowledge clicking noise when you start your Toyota Camry, and it sounds like a ticking, you probably lack the energy to run your starter, test your battery with a voltmeter and swap it if required. In the event that after checking your battery, you still know a noise when starting your Toyota Camry and it does not want to start, consult this content page about starter motor noises on Toyota Camry for more information and to locate the source of your issue.

I experience a noise when I start my Toyota Camry but the engine it starts

I acknowledge a noise when I start my Toyota Camry

  • Grinding or squealing type noises when I start cold Toyota Camry :
    If you acknowledge a noise when you start your Toyota Camry, and this noise looks like grinding or squealing noise, which can also be related to vibrations, it is possible that it is the combustion of your vehicle that is involved. In fact if you have an air/fuel mixture that is not good the normal performance of the engine will be altered. Examine the condition of your injectors and air intake system. For more information on the origins of injection-related noises on Toyota Camry, see this content.
  • Cold start friction parts Toyota Camry :
    If you encounter cold friction noises on Toyota Camry, it is practically certain that they come from one of your belts. Either the serpentine belt starts to wear out and therefore triggers a friction noise. It is also possible that the tensioner roller or damper pulley is worn out and that as a result the extension belt make a friction noise, often when cold. Visually check your belt and swap it if necessary. If you have other friction noises, and it doesn’t originate from your serpentine belt, we have a full content page on engine of your Toyota Camry.

I acknowledge a noise when starting my Toyota Camry even when hot

  • rubber mount / silent bloc dead motor
    If you acknowledge a clacking noise just as you start your car’s engine and it is more than 100,000 km long, it is possible that some of your engine silentblocks or rubber mounts are expired. And the huge vibrations generated by starting the engine can create starting noise on Toyota Camry. Examine their condition and change them if necessary. Read this content page if you would like to have detailed information on rubber mount noises on Toyota Camry.
  • Motor flywheel
    Finally, if you have a noise that sounds a little like a crank noise when you start your Toyota Camry, even when hot, it is possible that if your series is equipped with a dual-mass flywheel, it is the source of your trouble. In fact, these parts have created a lot of trouble on many cars. When they take part in the game they generate noise when you start your Toyota Camry and when you turn off the engine. Have his condition checked by a specialist.