It is never pleasurable to discover a sound that you don’t know where it originates from. So, what if you detect a gearbox noise that persists on your GMC Canyon? It is most likely to be a small matter, but before making sure of that, it is best to carry out a few verifications. Our team has made this content page to help you to fix it. First, we will see what the sources and different gearbox noises can be on GMC Canyon, and second, what are the solutions accessible to you. gearbox-noise-gmc-canyon

The different noises and their sources

A gearbox / your transmission is the essential component of the transmission, it is linked to the clutch that will release the engine tension on the gearbox mechanisms. Experiencing noises from your GMC Canyon’s gearbox is rarely a good indicator, its fix is nearly unachievable to perform due to the lack of professional garages and its replacement requires a heavy expense. The advantages is that generally its life expectancy after a first noise is quite long, which gives you time to program the fix, but it is crucial to check immediately what is your exact matter.

Your GMC Canyon transmission makes noise in neutral

If you encounter a gearbox noise even when you are in neutral, it shows that the gearbox’s internal parts are already well worn and that you will have to replace it quickly. In fact, if you are not even with a gear on and it produces noise, the pinions must already be at the end of their life.

You experience a squeaking, a humming noise at the time of the gear shift

If you are unluckily feeling squeaks, or humming noises when you change the gears of your GMC Canyon, it is unfortunately a good bet that it is your gears that are starting to fatigued. If this sound is not limited to passing the first gear and keep going when you drive and shift other gears. This is most likely a sign of a gearbox which is nearly good to be replace. If you have the feeling after checking that the noise comes from the clutch and not the gearbox, we advise you to have a look at this article to be able to find the triggers and solutions to a clutch noise on GMC Canyon.

You encounter a whinning or hummin sound from the gearbox of your GMC Canyon

Finally, if you experience a noise almost like a humming or whinning sound on the transmssion of your GMC Canyon, it is very often the case that the gearbox of your GMC Canyon lacks oil. In fact, if it lacks oil, the components will be exposed and grind agaisnt each other. In addition, each of its contacts will produce chips or metal dust that will mix with the oil and generate even greater resistance to mechanisms that are already worn out, a snowball effect will happen if you do not fairly quickly change the oil. In this situation the oil should be black and your can can smell burning. In some cases this sort of noises will be linked to a release bearing on GMC Canyon, don’t hesitate to visit our article.

The solutions existing if you feel a gearbox noise on your GMC Canyon

  • Verify the gearbox oil of your GMC Canyon via the level gauge and reflect on replacing it if the oil is black
  • Use the double clutch to try to make it last till you’re able to swap the gearbox, this will limit the already advanced wear of your gearbox and limit the wear of the pinions.
  • Start looking for a second-hand or new gearbox, very few professionals have the capacity to change damaged parts in your own system, they will almost always offer you a standard exchange.