It is rarely pleasant to find out a sound you don’t know about, and which results from your car. So, what if you identify an exhaust noise that remains on your Mazda CX 3? It is highly probable that this is a minimal problem, however, before being sure, it is better to operate some investigations. Our team has written this to help you resolve it. First, we will look at the possible reasons if you have a muffled exhaust sound on your Mazda CX 3 and second, if you have a metallic rattling noise on your Mazda CX 3.exhaust-noise-mazda-cx-3

Muffled exhaust noise Mazda CX 3

Exhaust pipe with holes Mazda CX 3

Having a muffled sound from its exhaust is not insignificant and can lead to over-consumption, or a malfunction of the engine unit, which could in the end become dirty, for example. If you have an exhaust noise on your Mazda CX 3, it is possible that it is due to a crack in the exhaust pipe, this is the most usual reason. To be able to verify this, situate a friend or relative under the running motor vehicle and accelerate to help them find the origin of the hole. Once identified, if it is not too large you can cold seal it with specific metallic mastic type legs. Otherwise, the section will have to be swapped.

Element dislocated exhaust pipe Mazda CX 3

The other possibility of being suffering from a muffled exhaust noise on Mazda CX 3 is to have a part of the exhaust unit that has dislocated due to vibrations for example. In fact some junctions of the different parts of the pot can loosen with time and generate an exhaust gas leak in places not intended for this purpose. These fumes will then produce a loud noise. Same technique as above, we go under the Mazda CX 3 to define the problem location, and tighten or change the bolts. If you hear a muffled sound but after verifying it doesn’t seem to come from the pot itself, consider having a look at this article which gives answers gives solutions about rear end noises on Mazda CX 3.

Metal rattling exhaust sound Mazda CX 3

Damaged exhaust muffler noise Mazda CX 3

If, alternatively, you are subject to an exhaust sound that is more of a metallic sort of, it is possible that one or more parts of your exhaust may be injured. Indeed, it is plausible that either your baffles, the catalyst or the silencer are the induce of this noise. To make sure, go under your Mazda CX 3, cold, and tap each of the previously stated parts with a hammer to define the origin of the noise. You should move things between things in the problematic part, if they are baffles, you can try to push the section a little bit to try to block them and thus limit their movements. If it is a out of date catalyst, it will be necessary to consider changing it, as well as the silencer. In this case, to stop the exhaust noise on your Mazda CX 3, you will either have to find a second hand one and do it yourself, or go to your auto technician.

Metal rattling exhaust noise Mazda CX 3 : Silentblock, loose pot

Finally, a metallic exhaust noise on your Mazda CX 3 may be related to a poor attachment of your exhaust to your vehicle. In fact, over the years, vibrations, the pot fasteners on the vehicle chassis can come off. In this case, you need to check, when cold, that the pot holds well, to try to get it to move in different directions and watch how it reacts. Backwards there should be some play and be able to move but not too much. The closer you get to the engine motor, the more fixed it should be. Visually check the fasteners for which you have doubts. Finally, it is possible that a silentbloc may have died . In this case it will have to be swapped.