It is never pleasant to listen to a sound you don’t know anything about and comes from your car. So what if you discern a noise that continues in the cabin of your Audi Q3? It is highly possible that this is a small trouble, but before being sure of that, it is better to do some verifications. Our team has written this document to help you identify and solve this cabin noise. First, we will look at those that come from the dashboard, later noises from the cabin, the doors, and at last the plastic noises on Audi Q3 that appear when it is hot.cabin-noiseaudi-q3

Reasons that can cause noise in the passenger cabin of your Audi Q3

I feel plastic rattling noises on the dashboard Audi Q3

One of the possible elements that can create a plastic rattling noise in your Audi Q3 is that your dashboard, following an intervention or vibrations suffered during its lifetime, it may have fasteners that have come loose or unscrewed. Try to determine the precise spot of this plastic rattling noise on Audi Q3 and using your vehicle’s technical manual try to check the tightness of all the screws involved. Otherwise take your car to your auto technician.

I feel noises in the cabin Audi Q3

The second most regular possibility of a cabin noise in your Audi Q3 is that some parts that come apart may be loose, either because of too frequent disassembly that would have reduced the holding between these parts, or because of vibrations. Think about examining your ceiling light which is often the induce of a cabin noise on Audi Q3. Otherwise open your doors, those closest to the source of the noise and check all the openings, covers that are present there, some may have moved and therefore vibrate while driving. Usually putting them back in place or gluing them is enough to fix the trouble.

I experience door noises on my Audi Q3

If you feel a plastic noise on the doors of your Audi Q3, it is possible that it is one of your door trim fasteners that is broken, or a screw from an internal mechanism of the glass for example or the loudspeaker that has unscrewed and therefore generates the component in question to rub against the door interior. Feel free to disassemble your door trim to find the reason of this plastic door noise on Audi Q3. For more information on door noises on Audi Q3, feel free to look at this article.

I listen to a cabin noise when hot Audi Q3

If, on the other hand, you discover cabin noises in your Audi Q3 when summer arrives or when the outside temperature is warm, it is unfortunately logical that this trouble manifests itself more during these cycles. In fact, plastic being a rather flexible material will expand with heat and will therefore much more easily rub on other plastic or metal parts, this is what will induce cabin noises when hot on your Audi Q3. It is difficult to resolve this trouble, you can always look for the exact source of the noise, and try to put foams or tape between the expanding parts to limit their noise from their expansion.